Tom Byrne Fine Art

Based in Florence Italy

Artworks Channeled

My name is Tom Joseph Byrne.


In addition to painting, I have been involved in the management of art galleries, organised many group exhibitions, published books on artists and have run many life drawing groups. My work has always been within the visual arts.

In 2013, after working with many master painters I returned to the roots of western art and culture, in Florence, Italy. My intention was to study, to refine elements of my art with another master painter, John Michael Angel.


I'm Irish but left Ireland in 2003, to work and study in France.



While in Paris I managed two different art galleries on the Ile Saint Louis. This afforded me a very real window into the requirements of galleries. I learned to see from the inside what an artist needs to communicate and provide.

I left Paris, in december 2012 for Italy.


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